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So here's the 30 days meme which I'm going to answer a few questions in one go I suppose.


Day 1: Your favorite k-pop guy group

They're DBSK JSYK :3

Day 2: Your favorite k-pop girl group
IDK, I don't have any faves yet.

Day 3: Your ultimate k-pop guy bias

I can't choose between them okay >|

Day 4: Your ultimate k-pop girl bias

I just love this girl in Abracadabra concept \o/ but lol that's it really.

Day 5: Your favorite k-pop song from your favorite guy group

Well since the song is supposed to be kpop :/ though if it was from their Japanese songs I really can't choose!

LOL I can't be bothered to resize for anime! ♥ And I'm just going to do a general one instead of focusing one a series.

1. Your favorite character

I think Lelouch is my most favourite ever since Code Geass came out! This man is just awesome ♥
Only character death that I tear in during the last episode for season 2

OMG FRAU AND TEITO okay they're one of my most favourite too! ♥♥

2. Your least favorite character

I really really don't like Elizabeth from Kuroshisuji. Seriously her role has got to be a Mary Sue or a filler :/

3. Character you’d date

Yes I would date Byakuya since I can't seem to pair him up with Renji IDK why but omfg I think I wanna pair him with his zanpaktou D:

I think I'll date Miyaji too even though he's a scorpio like me oWo

4. Character you’d like to go shopping with

Miku is so adorable! I think she'll make a great companion for shopping.

5. Character you’d like as your child

Teito Klein! ♥♥ he's just so adorable
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