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Meme Time

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Decided to finish up all the meme that are halfway done XD
First off will be Inception,

Day 6 - A song that makes you think of Inception

I think its practically all of Inception OST? Though if its other artist songs then I don't think I've found it yet :)

Day 7 - Who would you be and why? (Forger, Architect, Point Man, Extractor, Chemist)

LMAO I want to be the point man but I'm not that meticulous like Arthur is! Might be the Chemist since I am pursuing that field after all. :D

Day 8 - Your reaction to the ending

Picture sums it all

Day 9 - Do you think it fell over? (a simple yes or no will suffice, to keep spoilers low)

YES damn it yes

Day 10 - If you could guarantee one Academy Award for Inception, what would it be (besides best movie)?

Best Soundtrack \o/ though I would give all the awards seriously ♥

Meme by lulubang

Reply and I'll give you four fandoms. You then have to make an entry writing about your favorite character from each fandom, and why.

Hakuoki - Definitely Hajime Saitou! Oh god I always go for guys that have that tsundere attitude D:
Oh but I kind of ship him with Hijikata! Too bad no doujins on those as they tend to pair Saito and Okita DX

Bleach - LMAO Byakuya definitely ♥ and Urahara and Hitsugaya as well 8D

Inception - All the dudes for the cast ;______; My heart is big enough for them \o/

Kuroshitsuji - UNDERTAKER 8D But really Ciel and Sebastien as well since they're the main character and you can't help but to love those two. Watched only one episode of the second season but omg Claude's being voiced by one of my most favourite seiyuu ♥
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